Terms & Conditions

Far Corner Logistics will not be liable for any loss or damage to a shipment caused by an Act of God, the public enemy, the authority of law, or the act or default of shipper. Except in the case of negligence of Far Corner Logistics or party in possession, Far Corner Logistics or party in possession shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay which results: when the property is stopped and held in transit upon request of the shipper, owner or property entitled to make such requests; or from faulty or impassable highway, or the lack of capacity of a highway bridge or ferry; or from a defect or vice in the property; or from riots or strikes.

Unless arranged or agreed upon in writing, prior to shipment, Far Corner Logistics is not bound to transport a shipment by a particular schedule or in time for a particular market, but is responsible to transport with reasonable dispatch. In case of physical necessity, Far Corner Logistics may forward a shipment via another carrier.

Claims for loss or damage must be filed in writing within 1 month after the delivery of the property.

If the consignee refuses the shipment tendered for delivery or if carrier is unable to deliver the shipment because of fault or mistake of the consignee Far Corner Logistics will promptly attempt to provide notice by telephone or electronic communication. Storage charges may apply after attempted notification. Storage may be at Far Corner Logistics’s option, in any location that provides reasonable protection against loss or damage. Far Corner Logistics may place the shipment in public storage at the owner’s expense and without liability to Far Corner Logistics. If Far Corner Logistics does not receive disposition instructions within 48 hours of the first attempt, Forward transit will attempt to issue a second and final confirmed notification.

Such notice shall advise that if Far Corner Logistics does not receive disposition instructions in 10 days of that notification Far Corner Logistics may offer the shipment for sale at public auction.

Where Far Corner Logistics or the carrier is directed by consignee to unload or deliver property at a particular location where the consignee is not regularly located, the risk after unloading or delivery shall not be Far Corner Logistics.
Far Corner Logistics shall not be liable for any documents, coin money or for any articles of extraordinary value not specifically agreed to in writing prior to shipment. Far Corner Logistics shall not be liable for consequential, indirect or incidental damages for any shipment.

Far Corner Logistics does not handle explosives, hazardous materials or dangerous goods of any kind. Every party, whether principle or agent , who ships explosives, hazardous materials or dangerous goods shall be liable for and indemnify Far Corner Logistics against any loss or damage caused by such goods.

Far Corner Logistics has the right to require the prepayment or guarantee of the charges at the time of shipment or prior to delivery. If the description of articles or other information is found to be incorrect or incomplete the freight charges must be paid based on the articles actually shipped. Any “proposed” rates will only become effective after a signed agreement between both parties.

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